1. Create account

2. Edit assistant

3. Create default answer

4. Adding frequently asked questions

5. Try your assistant

6. Publish your assistant

Tutorial to build your Chatbot

Below, we show you how to build your Virtual Assistant step by step in Svachat, so that you can incorporate it into your eCommerce or website. The process is easy, fast and intuitive, but you can use this guide to solve any doubt you may have during the creation process.

Create an account

Create an account

create user image

Enter your personal data

  1. Create a username to log in with. The username cannot contain spaces
  2. Enter the email address you wish to associate with this account. This is where you will receive the welcome email or where the password recovery will be sent
  3. Complete with your name and surname
  4. Create a password and repeat it
    form image
  5. When you have taken these steps, accept the "platform terms and conditions" and click on "create account". accept terms image

    Wait a few seconds while your account is created.

Edit Assistant

Now it's time to edit the graphical features of your Chatbot in a few steps:

Step 1: Customize

You can customize the top part of the chat widget with your corporate color (as seen in the image), click on the default color and the color picker will appear, move the button and select the one you want, once applied this part of the image will be modified.

color picker image

You also have the option of entering the color code in hexadecimal in the box. Example #1a9fdf

color picker image

Choose your chat icon:

  1. You can choose one of the ones we provide, simply by clicking on the one you prefer
  2. You can add it using a url. You have instructions on how to add it in "Add logo url"

Click the arrow at the top right to continue.

step 1 image

Write a name for your assistant.

step 2 image

Then create a welcome message.

welcome message image

Council: Our recommendation is to inform users that they are being served by a Chatbot or Virtual Assistant and then list the questions they can answer. A good tidy and friendly option is to introduce the numbering with emojis, then you can see how we have raised it:

Choose the style you prefer by clicking on one of the boxes "choose sport style" or "choose classic style". Press the arrow at the top right and continue.

step 3 image

Step 2: Save your settings by clicking "Save Settings" at the bottom

save configuration image

Create Default Response

  1. First we will set the default answer with a wizard. After reading the explanation in step 1 click on "next" for its configuration
    wizard step 1 image
  2. Choose which message your Chatbot sends to users in case it receives a question that does not have an assigned answer to refer the query
    wizard step 2 image
  3. Once you have written it, step 2 will open where you can choose the options you prefer to give your clients to contact you:
    1. A

    2. B

      Support mail
    3. C

      Link to another page
    wizard step 2 complete image

If you click on the option "add link to Whatsapp", you will have to enter the message you want to send to your customers so that they can contact you by this means, and the telephone number. You will have to follow these steps in those options you want to incorporate. When you have finished, press the "save" button and continue.

wizard step 2 save image

Adding FAQs

This functionality allows you to create the answers to your customers' queries

  1. Click on "New FAQ"
    create new faq image
  2. Enter the name related to the question you are going to create, the way your client asks you (here you can only add one sentence, once you have created the sentence you can train your Chatbot with more ways to ask the client), and the answer your assistant will give you just like you would do it. Once you have it, press "Create".
    save new faq image

    Council: I recommend that you write more ways in which the client asks (minimum 5), click on the question you created, and in the drop-down menu that appears click on "New client question".

    edit faq image
  3. Introduce the new way of asking and hit "create"
    edit faq image2
  4. If you want to re-edit or delete any of the questions or answers, simply click on the button in the same question box on the right
    edit faq image3

Try your assistant

Test your assistant by clicking on "chat" at the bottom right. Interact with him as if you were a client, and check the result.

try your chatbot view
open chatbot