Svachat and Join.chat join forces

We are very proud to announce that we have joined Join.chat!

background join.chat & svachat

What is Join.chat?

It is a WhatsApp plugin for WordPress, which helps more than 200,000 businesses around the world and has become by far the best option because of its easy configuration. In just 2 minutes you can be chatting with your customers in a very simple way and with a large number of features at your disposal.

What is our agreement?

Thanks to the integration of Svachat technology in the Join.chat plugin, customers can now hire an Add-on to provide automated response to customer queries, thus offering a 24/7 service and saving a large number of hours spent answering repetitive questions.

With this agreement we will continue to grow at a good pace and have access to international markets. These synergies are fundamental, but without a doubt the great beneficiary is the client, since we combine the best of our business in one place.

You can try out the new integration here. Join.chat has developed a tutorial that will help you in the creation of your Chatbot. You can check it out at the following tutorial link.