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Svachat, the new self-creation platform for Virtual Assistants for ecommerce

Get satisfied customers and served 24/7 in your e-commerce

Svachat is positioned as a self-created Virtual Assistant platform for ecommerce, and now also for your social networks. Now you can create it in a more agile and dynamic way.

Increasingly, digitalization, social networks and mobile are being used to make purchases, bringing brands closer to their customers.

The physical stores, have extended their schedules in the online stores, being available at any time of the day and week for consumers. Consumers want their questions to be answered immediately, and if this does not happen they will leave the site. Hopefully you will only abandon the site, because it may also happen that you will go to a competitor's site, which does offer an immediate response. How to solve this problem? Thanks to the Virtual Assistants, everything is easier, they serve the customer and help the company to communicate with them.

Through self-creation in Svachat, you will be able to configure your fully customized online chat widget.

At Svachat, we offer you a mixed solution model, if your client is not satisfied with the response of your chatbots, they can always be redirected to an agent. In addition, through API we will allow you to integrate the products into the chatbots.

If you want to discover more advantages about Svachat visit us, and if you want to check which is the best solution for your business, try it free for 14 days.