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No more excuses for not having a Virtual Assistant in your eCommerce

What are you waiting for to implement a Virtual Assistant in your online store? There are no excuses anymore as it is very expensive or complicated, there are increasingly better alternatives with a quality/price ratio that, at the very least, are very interesting.

The users, live a totally autonomous digital shopping experience. As a company, you manage all the previous work regarding the design of the page, thinking strategically about every detail for the client. However, when your work is done, the customer comes in, and then how do you control their shopping experience? As much as you try to think like a customer, there are thousands of vectors that influence navigation and the final conversion of these.

The context and experience is infinite, each user has their own interests, and this will impact on their needs and expectations that will mark your eCommerce. And although there are aspects that cannot be covered, there are more and more tools and strategies for customization.

logo What would a Virtual Assistant bring to you?

The truth is, although e-commerce brings many positive aspects, consumers need advice during your purchase. In the physical purchase this is solved with the sellers, but what happens in the online purchase? The buyer wants to solve his doubt, and he wants to solve it now.

For this, live chats appear, and give that personal experience that the user needs, and it is effective, the user has the interaction in real time with an agent. These chats can help the user in any phase of the customer journey, so the need for advice during the purchase process is covered. And you will say:

Great, problem solved, although the problem probably comes now. These chats have to be attended by people, people who have to be available 24/7, because you never know when the doubt will arise to your customers. What will happen if 30 users have doubts at the same time? We discard this option.

Have you heard of Virtual Assistants? This is what you were looking for, it is the best option from the point of view of productivity. You will simultaneously attend to multiple users at any time of day thanks to Artificial Intelligence. These chatbots have the capacity to offer an experience very similar to what one person can offer, at least in many aspects, but if the customer needs more, a mixed model will be used, and it will allow your customers to talk to an agent.

logo Now comes the next step, who can offer me this?


Don't worry, we have the solution too. At Svachat we offer you all these services, and some more that we haven't named but equally interesting.

Svachat is led by Alejandro Fernandez and Aaron Fernandez (CEO and CTO respectively), with a great experience in large retail projects such as Decathlon or Primark, and we know what the customer demands. If you are looking for a customer experience that is as similar as possible to the offline one, this is what you are looking for.

logo What can you do in Svachat?

We allow you to create your own custom chatbots, customize it to your liking, nobody knows better than you how to integrate it into your eCommerce, give it the tone of communication that your customers request, and the design that makes them recognize your online business.

In terms of technical features, one of the most remarkable elements is that through API we can link the products you offer with the wizard. With this we will achieve that the chatbots make personalized recommendations, and the client finds the product he was looking for, just as it would happen in a physical environment.

For more frequent queries, such as order status, delivery times, returns... we offer you the FAQ service. You can include those recurring questions necessary for your business, and this will be a quick and easy way.

Besides, there's nothing like talking naturally, and having the virtual assistant understand you. This will allow you to establish a a conversation very similar to the one you would have with a physical agent.

Don't worry if you don't know which one to choose, you have a free 14-day trial.