Svachat's staff

Today we interviewed the founders of Svachat

Svachat was founded by Alejandro FernĂĄndez (CEO) and AgustĂ­n NĂșñez. In a few years we will be one of the products with more presence in the eCommerces so they venture that it will be their business idea.

They have experience in the retail sector, having led projects in large companies such as Decathlon and Primark. This made them aware of what clients demanded and what their needs were, leading them to the creation of a self-created platform of Virtual Assistants that they offer in BaaS (Bot as a Service) mode. This is a quick and simple process, which can be created by any person in approximately 5 minutes, and totally personalized.

Both agree that they have a clear decision to undertake because "we like freedom, and we are passionate about making decisions, entrepreneurship makes you live a series of experiences that you can hardly experience working for others", adding that "there is nothing bigger than a client deciding to pay for a service created by some persistent madmen".

They currently have clients from different sectors such as the home, household appliances, fashion, pet sector and the sports sector. They are proud to have a large number of satisfied clients, in fact they state that "one of the practices that has concerned us since our beginnings is to be close to clients and therefore, to their needs". For this reason, they have had and continue to have meetings with some of their clients, who are telling them the needs that exist and those that could exist.

They consider that, without a doubt, one of their successes has been the development of a product with a real differential value with respect to the competition, a Virtual Assistant developed to sell, capable of reproducing a purchase process, recognizing the needs of the user and being able to offer the product that the client is looking for. In addition, they offer other functionalities such as helping to choose and informing about the status of the order.

"Think big, act small" is the leitmotif they have pursued since their creation. They are convinced that in a few years they will be one of the products with the greatest presence in the eCommerces.

Before the arrival of Svachat, creating a high capacity Virtual Assistant was not possible without a large economic and time investment. Now, they have made it much easier, anyone can create their Assistant in approximately 5 minutes, with very economic rates, and with the possibility of configuring their fully customized widget, from the corporate colors to the welcome message.

Our goal is to improve the user's shopping experience by developing new features, which will improve the profitability and turnover of our customers.

Svachat starts with the investment of its own savings and thanks to the support of Agencia Idea and BBVA, obtaining the necessary financing to develop the project.

In the short/medium term, they will carry a national and international expansion plan, which will allow them to lead the conversational marketing market at a European level within five years.