The Covid-19 leaves new models of purchasing behavior

As we mentioned before, the Covid-19 has changed the way we consume. When the physical stores were closed due to the state of The new online shopping system is more efficient than ever, and it is essential to achieve a normal commercial activity and economy. Sales through eCommerce have increased by 55%, affecting sectors such as fashion (-55%), but offset by the supermarkets (+164%), for example. It is true that purchasing behavior has been changing throughout the confinement, and is that the first two weeks the sector of sport was growing in numbers never thought of before, but after two weeks, all the material bought was already there, and that's when the number of household items, for example, started to increase.

According to data provided by Nielsen, the sale of fast consumer products on the Internet in Spain has grown by 62%. But not only has it increased in numbers, but also in users, adding to these online shopping channels the senior population.

In view of the exceptional situation we are experiencing, and the measures that will have to be taken to enable any establishment to comply with the new government regulations, eCommerce is presented as a very viable alternative for the recovery of any company. It is a reality that the purchasing model has changed, and now more than ever, will continue to change.

According to a study carried out by Good Rebels and the Spanish Marketing Association, it gives us a preview of how companies might react in the digital and marketing field. Of the companies surveyed, 83% will prioritize digital sales and acquisition channels, and 82% believe they will develop new business models, as well as innovation. 78% say that this crisis will lead to an acceleration in the adoption of a digital culture and teleworking, increasing investment in technological resources and applications between 5% and 25%.

In an accelerated manner, and almost with suspicion, many companies that only had a physical store, have made the leap into digital, opening up a field much wider and more powerful than that which a physical store could reach.

It's time to take advantage of any channel to reach our customers. The main problem that could cause online commerce, and for which many companies are reluctant to implement it in their businesses, is communication. But is it really already a problem?
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, eCommerce offers a new advantage, real time communication. If you get your customers to feel close to you, they will be satisfied customers, and then they will not find big differences between buying online and offline. With the implementation of a Chatbot in your eCommerce, you get a fast and effective communication, but if the user's doubt can't be solved by Artificial Intelligence, don't worry, Svachat also offers the possibility to redirect it to an agent.

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