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What will Svachat bring to retailers
who are struggling with the current situation?

Due to the uncertainty that is being generated in the last hours from Svachat we have decided to help the cause. We believe that one of the most important aspects in these days is the information, thanks to our initiative our clients will be able to inform their users of the current situation in which they are in a totally free way and available 24h.

We leave you with our publication in RRSS:

"Difficult weeks await us because of #Covid19, therefore, all those online stores or websites that have the need to create a #chatbots 🤖 to inform your customers of your current situation or give support, you can build your chatbot for free and without any commitment until the alarm state ends.

If you want our team to build the chatbot for you we will gladly do it at no cost. Contact us at"