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Create your Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence in a very simple way

Chatbots platform without code

  • Estimated creation time of 10-20 min
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Easy to create - No codes

Our creation process is simple and guided. In just a few minutes publish your Chatbot

Lead Generation Tool

Get more and better leads. Get the email addresses of your users through this feature.

Create friendly conversations

Enter GIF'S and Emojis to surprise your users

Human + Bot

For complex queries refer the question to an agent using WhatsApp

Powerful Natural Language Understanding + Artificial Intelligence

Build powerful chatbots that communicate with your customers in natural language

Create your Chatbot now and surprise your users with
a service available 24/7

Discover the chatbot experience

Do you want to interact with the more than 2 billion users that WHATSAPP has with the WHATSAPP BUSINESS API? Create the best Chatbots on WhatsApp in minutes

Sell and service through WHATSAPP BUSINESS API

Svachat HelpDesk is the one-stop platform that allows you to answer all WhatsApp messages in one place and with multiple agents, get your number on the official API and start transforming the way you serve your customers. And it offers a service that is always available through a Chatbot

Svachat is an official WHATSAPP BUSINESS API provider, you can now activate your number in a very easy process.

WhatsApp Benefits for Business

WhatsApp stands out as one of the most important communication channels
for companies

Enable an official number with a verified company profile (green dove)

WhatsApp Business API

Improve speed of response (SLA)

Cost savings in agents and call-centers

Increased customer satisfaction

Communicate with your customers with HSM (Highly Structured Messaging). Opening rate over 95%.

Improve the relationship and communication with your customers

Enables 24/7 digital support and attention (with the addition of a Chatbot)

Security and encryption of end-to-end messages GDPR protection

The Svachat WhatsApp Business API Addon has been developed so that companies can offer a comprehensive service to their customers by incorporating a Helpdesk software

All this with an official verified account.

Human Control: Have visibility over all conversations and act when your client asks or you think it is appropriate

  • img/Precios/yes.svg Automates the sending of messages and notifications: You can send messages to your customers in a personalized way. HSM
  • img/Precios/yes.svg Create your Chatbot without code in just a few minutes
  • img/Precios/yes.svg Multi-user access: All your agents access the same WhatsApp line together
  • img/Precios/yes.svgStart
  • img/Precios/yes.svgWhatsApp Business API Frequently Asked Questions
  • img/Precios/yes.svgDoes SVACHAT support the WhatsApp Enterprise API request process?

Can I start designing my bot before WhatsApp API access is approved?

You can start creating your bot now before its API is approved. Once your WhatsApp Business API application is approved, our team will publish your ready-made bot to WhatsApp.

Do I have to pay for messages sent by a WhatsApp bot?

The only paid messages within the current API framework are the HSM template messages, which are highly structured notifications that are sent separately from the bot flow. The automated chatbot conversation is activated when the user responds to the HSM message, which means that the bot's messages are within the free 24-hour support period. All messages sent within the WhatsApp session are free.

What is an HSM WhatsApp template?

Highly structured messages are template messages that you can send to users in bulk as your company needs to predefine and, once approved by WhatsApp, use them to reach users in bulk. HSM message delivery is paid for, but if the user sends a response, any message sent from their WhatsApp Business profile within 24 hours of that response is included in the free customer service window.

Does SVACHAT use the official Whatsapp Business API solution?

Yes! Svachat uses the official WhatsApp API in cooperation with Positus to integrate your business with the most popular instant messaging application. Under constant improvement, the service is incredibly reliable and generates a frictionless experience for your users and your team.


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