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Create your Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence in a very simple way

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Do you prefer a high capacity Virtual Assistant?
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Natural Language Understanding

Your clients like to convey their queries in natural language. Our natural language understanding engine allows you to establish a  human-like conversation. We incorporate technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, NLG and NLU to satisfy your customers.

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Sales Assistant

Our technology allows us to assist the customer in his purchasing process, we offer the product that best suits his needs. We integrate your commercial offer of products, and we only inform about the available stock.

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Help to choose

Help your clients in their decision making thanks to the help to choose functionality. We introduce an option selectable by the client in which the assistant advises on the purchase of the product.

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Order Status

Give your customers immediate information about the status of their orders, without having to log in with the reference number only.

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Recurring Questions (FAQ'S)

Available for all web platforms

You can include all those recurring questions needed for your business in a quick and easy way. It is a good option to generate buying confidence to your customers.

High-capacity Virtual Assistant integrates with leading Ecommerce platforms
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If your shop is not built with the above platforms you can create a Wizard that answers your FAQS

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Cost Savings

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